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#Germany: Refugees murder German boy, murderers released by Court

The #Court didn't even tell the #victim's #family about the decision, they learned about it through social media

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The State is an enemy of the nation

Yes, so stop calling Sweden the Rape Capital, all those who follow the globalist agenda are culpable.

During WWII, the Swedes did not enter the war against The State of Germany but stayed neutral. I think it's interesting that today, the Germans and the Swedes are being destroyed...

Sure, other nations aren't not under attack. The Swedes and Germans seem to be worst off, however. Racism is appreciation of the races, by the way, and that's a moral obligation

Hungary showed us how to act as nations.. when we smarten up we will follow suit!

Yes, the western European and Slavic nations are examplary

I have seen no evidence of that.. Hungary did the right thing.. Iceland did the right thing.. it's time we saw a new movie..

The Right Thing

Yes, the Icelandics seem pretty special in western Europe. Generally you see more nationalism in tce east, for example from the Polish