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Immigrants Then vs. Now: Busting Misconceptions | WNYC News | WNYC

As Jews celebrate the exodus from bondage in Egypt, here's a timely look at who's been coming to the U.S. over the past century by #WNYC's Arun Venugopal

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“You would be amazed at how many people come to this museum and say that to us: 'My grandparents came here legally.' Well of course your grandparents came here legally. There were no laws."

Yep, mine came before there were laws, on both sides.

...same with the family that adopted me on Long Island....granted, my 'family' wasn't big on remembering or giving a damn about their History....but near as I could figure they were - on both sides - mid 19th Cent immigrants....German, German-Dutch (which means possibly Religious refugees), and some Irish and Scandinavians...(tho they did NOT talk about the possibility of any Irish, b'gawd! sigh!)

My Husbands family is far more recent...his Dad and the Sicilian branch were pre WW1 refugees, his Mother was part of the 1960's Airplane Diaspora..fleeing the families who settled in PR post WW2...

My paternal grandfather used a paper name (the papers of another person). Illegal = entered the U.S. and raised a family.

My maternal grandfather was denied entry under the Chinese Exclusion Act. It was hoped that my grandmother would bear a son, who could petition for his father to join him; instead, my mother was born. Grandfather never got out of China and was killed in an uprising in the 1930s. Legal = dead. (Also, because my grandmother never spoke of her first husband - even to her daughter, much of the family history is lost.)

...unfortunately for me, I am learning things about my adopted family more via US Census records than was ever told to me by either my mother or my maternal that the woman and older woman in a photo who bear a striking resemblance to my mother...are not my Grandmother, but as it looks now the mother of my grandfather and his mysterious sister....who did not, as I was told, die young from drinking...but this unknown Great grandmother and great aunt left the US for Australia...and started a new life there...I was often led to believe they 'died'...

And the supposed 'Scottish' heritage by way of my mother's mom...census records proved that tale to be the census records my grandmother of Scandi and Irish heritage. smh More bs by my adopted mother.

Tho I am rather glad to be living in the Digital Age, for research reasons!