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Switch from Chrome to Firefox in just a few minutes

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Posted by WisNorCan (karma: 1910)
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I don't know exactly why, but I can,t sign into MeWe anymore with Firefox since they reviewed their policy and login procedure which now ask us to solve a little puzzle this yesterday or Monday.
Stuck using Chromium, but I only use it there.
It might be worth a peek at MeWe... it,s the only place I have issues.

I quit using MeWe at the very beginning because their scripting on their website is horrendously bad. Firefox was not functioning on that site worth a shit. I was NOT going to go to Chrome just to partake of MeWe, so bye-bye...

It's not Chrome, it' Chromium
I know, it's much of the same...
Until 2 weeks ago, I seldom had issues on MeWe, then the Mozilla crash happened and it's been rather hellish since. I get disconnected ever 3 or 4 hours and get lag spurts.
Not that I like the place much, but I got friends and I'm in a community there.