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Dear everyone using, it's this time of year again where the bill is due for the hosting cost for the year, and if I'm writing this message it means that we don't have enough money to cover it all. At the moment we are about 200$ short, in the spirit of transparency **here are the raw numbers: price for a year is 752.8 CHF we currently have 571.6 CHF in the association bank account **
This money powers the server that not only hosts but also and a few other projects that are work in progress.
We have until early may to find the missing amount, and to be completely hosting I'm not going to say that if we don't find it it's going to be the end, because it's not, I have a job and I can pay for it myself if needs be, but the goal for the association is to be self sustained, as a non profit because we don't exploit your data or show ads on any part of our websites we rely solely on donations and my own generosity as the president.
So if you would be so kind feel free to give a few bucks, if everyone would give 1$ a months I w... show more