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I know now why I had more registrations today...

#Friendica, the open federated alternative to #Facebook, is due to get #ActivityPub support towards the end of the year, in its 2018.11 update.

You can already follow Friendica users through Mastodon using an older standard. For example, the official blog is here:


If you want to try it out, a good example instance is:

You can follow development and contribute here:

#DeleteFacebook #Fediverse

Okay ... Now I'm feeling the pressure to really work on AP ... ;-)

You have three months, starting last week!

Wow, didn't realise AP support is moving so fast. Great job 🤘

I guess this here will be my theme of the next time:

Thing is: I haven't started yet - but with some luck we aren't starting from zero. We already do have the library in our system that is used for HTTP signing. This will be surely be a more basic support, but should be doable in that time.

You can also look into GNU Status and Pixelfed AP implementation in PHP, both authored by @dansup

When the HTTP signing is working, the only work left is to write all the different JSON arrays for comments and posts. Thanks to @Rabuzarus we already do have the HTTP signing library from Hubzilla in the core. So at first I will have a look at this.

Do what you gotta do, I’m stepping out of the way.

Currently I'm unsure about the best way. I don't know how easy the libraries from @dansup will be to use.Currently I think that the signing would be the biggest problem. But like always I haven't made any plans and do not know the step after the current step.

Signing is easy. It appears you're using the Hubzilla HTTP Sig code which is really old. You might want to grab an update from the #osada project.

Thanks for the hint!

We are using the HTTP signing code from Hubzilla for the magic auth functionality. Had Hubzilla switched to the osada project for this as well?

And where do I find this project? I only found your wiki page:

Osada is a dual Zot/6+ActivityPub server. I'm looking at an RC of this and the Zot/6 reference server (Zap) very soon. They're both in final test right now.

You can find any of my current work at