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Finally I got to upgrade the Gnu/Linux distro on my computer. Because there was some problems with my I initially reverted to the old version back when the new one was released. But I really do not fancy using a desktop that do not have access to security updates. So after I saw that the problems seemed to be solved with my daughters Wacom I tried again yesterday.

As usual I had to pick a fight with some of the things that didn't work as perfect as I wanted them to. #Kwallet again, but at least this time I got an idea about what was wrong and have fixed it. I also have a working #Wacom tablet and I am on the track of the last missing bits. A good feeling and I have not bee... show more

J'avais essayé les cintiq en 2000 à l'apple expo de Paname , je trouvais que cela manquait de réactivité entre le stylet et l'écran...J'imagine que désormais la technologie est mâture, la preuve en est que d'autres fabricants s'intéressent à ce marché avec la démocratisation des tablettes aussi chez le grand public. Cela dit le matériel professionnel coûte toujours (cher) . D'autres alternatives se développent tant sur le plan matériel que logiciel.

I am sorry I can't answer in French :)

I think the size of the computer and the graphic card running the software means more than the digitizer hardware itself when it comes to lag. That said there is also an adaptation from the user. You learn to compensate from unituitive interfaces rather quickly. Just think of a computer mouse or a car's steering wheel. It will never be like real paper.

I'm glad to see that Wacom has some competition. My Cintiq is almost 10 years old and I can't afford a new one if it breaks, so I am hopefully not close to be forced to find a new digitizer. But it still have my interest of course

If you haven't seen it before, you can find my digital art @here on Diaspora where I publish it under the creative commons license.

Thanks for your comment and all the info. I hadn't heard about Bosto before.

You might be interested in my experience with a newer Waycom tablet, which works with Debian Stretch using a newer kernel. A Wacom Intuos tablet, model CTL 4100WL KO-AX, worked with Debian stretch when I upgraded the kernel to 4.15.0-1 from Buster or SID.

You might also be interested in Trinity Desktop Environment which still works well with Enlightenment on Debian. I still use Konqueror, Dolphin, and other more modern KDE software but gave up on Kmail and other KDE4 PIM software. TDE has some of the same quirks KDE did but has been more reliable for email and most PIM. Until the KDE4 version of Konqueror got the text file filter box back, I made heavy use of the TDE version of Konqueror and still think having both around is handy.

I used to go for every bleeding edge package in the repo, but these days I have so much work drawing that I keep to what will boot both my computer and my digitizer every morning. I am really itching to try Wayland, but the linuxwacom project has been very clear that the tablets is not close the be stable on Wayland. Same goes for Krita, which is the program I use the most, and Gimp.

As for the PIM software Kmail2 hasn't really given me much problems, except for its use of kwallet. But I always read about other peoples experience with interest and it really sounds quite nightmarish. Trinity sounds interesting and it might be the one I will try next time on my 10" ASUS PPPC from 2008. But I am almost like a fanatic Apple user when it comes to KDE. No matter how much Plasma bloat I have to deal with. Force of habit I guess.