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Hot weather came. It was +32C today.

When it comes to running, low intensity training is getting difficult. That is when you try to run keeping your heart rate low. There are three main factors:
- heat makes blood vessels dilate, blood pressure drops and heart has to work harder to keep up with the effort
- heat causes rapid dehydration
- there are lots of very lightly dressed females running, cycling or just being present around

It is not easy but I like the challenge. Definitely more fun than in winter. Definitely.

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It's 28 outside right now - but tomorrow is forecasted to be much warmer.

Well, we are not accustomed to too much heat here. Anything over +30C is considered to be "extreme", they start to give out water and such.

Curiously enough I don't remember people being so sensitive to heat before mass availability of air conditioners. Yes, heat took its toll on older people and other sensitive groups such as heart patients but for the most it was "yeah, hot, so what". Now everyone complains as soon as weather turns even mildly hot.