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Is there a federated version of youtube?

I suppose so: I am new to this Federation lark. So I shall research peertube.
Youtube is very useful for me but after the G+ affair I am becoming a convert to open source stuff. However, I am afeared there really will be much less video content in peertube.
By the way, I am really enjoying pluspora. Apart from any philosophical considerations, I enjoy its sparse and clean interface.

Kewl! I am enjoying Friendica very much. I spend far less time on it and am able to see far more posts because the UI is well written and the flexibility with user controls makes it more efficient to use than G+. As for "reach", there are about 2.6 million users I know I will never reach LOL but many of them are users I had no possibility to reach in G+ so it is a new horizon :) As for content, most of what I see on YT is things I am not interested in. My hope is to see the Fediverse continue evolving. One nice thing about Friendica (possibly pluspora too) is the ability to follow RSS feeds so if you have a favorite video content creator, see if they have an RSS feed.

Sorry to show my ignorance here but how does this follow RSS feed action work here, from a user perspective? In other words, is there a Subscribe to RSS "button" somewhere in pluspora?

Let's ask @David Thiery whether RSS is supported on pluspora since that is where you are posting from. In Friendica I know I can follow an RSS feed like any user and Mastodon (which is like a federated Twitter) also has RSS.

This is from the FAQ for users (I changed the example links to pluspora):

Yes, but this is not yet a polished feature and the formatting of the results is pretty rough. If you want to try it anyway, go to someone’s profile page and click the feed button in your browser, or you can copy the profile URL (I.e., and paste it into a feed reader. The resulting feed address looks like this: diaspora* uses Atom rather than RSS.

@David Thiery I was thinking more along the lines of his question about a YT RSS feed for example. Is it possible to put in the url of any RSS feed in contacts to have their feed show in the pluspora stream?

@David Thiery Ah, we may be misunderstanding one another. If there is a particular video content provider on Youtube that I like, but who does not have a pluspora presence or profile, is there a way to see that content in pluspora, or at least via pluspora?

@David Thiery Sorry, you provided the answer while I was writing my last comment.
So, instead, I shall do some research into peertube.

Now I must put a planned list of RSS urls in so I can read the news in Friendica without going to other web pages LOL

That sounds interesting. I shall give it a try myself......

I don't see an "Add a Contact" field in pluspora. Perhaps I'm failing to find it....

Since I am using Friendica I have different options. I think @David Thiery said he didn't think it would work in pluspora.