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Managed to re-downgrade to #Nextcloud 15 after the 16 upgrade failed without giving any error messages. I could have used a backup, but I chose to tell the Docker image that I was running a previous version, allowing it to re-copy the version 15 files over the top of the version 16 files it had already installed. Disappointed, but glad to be running again.

Not ready for Primetime huh?

@Paul Gatling I'm not sure; I didn't see anything on the support forums about it, and nobody replied to my posts indicating they're having similar issues. In any case, several apps I uses weren't ready to upgrade anyway (and would have been disabled), so I may have ended up downgrading regardless.

my upgrade by docker image runs like a charm - no issues and i have over 300 GB of data in my instance

The pains of being an early adopter

Looks like 16.0.1 is in release candidate state.

@Brad Koehn ☑️ When you prefer to wait for the first point release as default you can switch to the 'production' update channel.

I had a rough time upgrading, but it eventually worked. For me, I always "enable everything" and then go back and fix what is broken. For me, it was an e-Book reader application. Where is your post on Nextcloud?