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Is there any month to match December?
No redeeming qualities at all
Daylight disappears into its nadir
Blackened silhouettes of barren
Trees whipped by the weather
Christmas in its hideous vulgarity
Tinsel towns of blinking colored lies
Flashy, trashy limousine
For winter to arrive in
Now that’s a month to
Suit my disposition

Why then is it May that claims
The day I was invented
The way a foreign passport
Boasts a chipped and blurry stamp?
In May my daughter saw me first
Gazed upon the e... show more

that was beautiful. thank you.

Thank you @Gene Eric - I really appreciate that!

Well-written verse. And, talking about your birthday as the day you were invented...neat analogy.

Love the last bit, "buckle my knees" lol I'm not aging well, I have a feeling that my life has been too hard on my body and it'll go before I do ;)