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Backing up my stuff, gonna switch to #ElementaryOS tonight... if everything goes well... (x_X)!!!
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Since over two Years i sometimes change my Operating System (only GNU/Linux of corse) and my /home Partition stills alive with all my Data (firefox, thundrbird and all others).
I also copied my [string].default Folder to use them on my Laptop and some other Computers i use. There is no Problem.

Elementary is only one of ~89 Forks made from Ubuntu, so it is easy to change between all this Systems.
The Things ar a little different when changing from a deb-based System to another who not use this Base. That is because Canonical use some Paths and Filenames wo has no POSSIX conformity.
Have Fun with your choosed System :-)

Backing up ".cache" folders?

I just said "fuck it" and ran
$ cp -Rvu ~/ ./

on a backup folder in my backup hard drive...

My Backups are made with rsync and a self made Shellscript with a Zenity-Gui

yeah... but this is a one off thing... I haven't really switched distros for about 2 years.

Today i installed openSUSE tumbleweed (over an Linux-Mint) and run in cli-mode after installing proprietary nvidia driver :-(
So i start a new installing, now with Manjaro-kde and it feels good, because all my private Data are still on place and all is working. :-)
Elementary is a Distro with the look from MacOS right?