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Webserver was offline this night

!Nerdica Forum

When I woke up this morning I realized that the webserver was not reacting anymore. In general the machine was rather unresponsive and had a load of >240.

The issue began after 3:17 CET according to the last log entries. You can see that the disk utilization graphs get a peak at that time:


Even rebooting via SSH was not possible anymore. So I had to kill the virtual machine and restart it.
Now everything should work again.

Yeah, well, not exactly for 2019, but well...
Basically I would have liked to find out what went wrong, but even a "ps faux" to list the running processeses didn't work anymore... still some munin plugins did work well and delivered data back to the collector, but some were not. So, completely mysterious and I have had no other choice to restart the machine to bring the service back to all the users... ;)

Sadly this happened again today at 12:00 CET... same pattern again...

As a result, I'll migrate the Mastodon instance again to its own virtual machine...