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Is GitHub blocked in India?

I haven't been able to load since yesterday; the connection keeps timing out. This usually happens to illegal sites (like The Pirate Bay) that have been blocked by the Indian government: sometimes it displays a "This website is blocked" message, but other times it just keeps trying to load till it times out.

When I try loading the website via Tor, it loads properly. And GitHub has been blocked in India before so this is not unprecedented.

Is anyone else from #India unable to load #GitHub? Do you think it's been blocked again?
Resharing for friends in India.
I forgot to mention, the #InternetArchive ( isn't working either. I tried to load the GitHub page in the Wayback Machine, that's how I found out.

@Psipher Sarah: Thanks for the reshare!
Working fine for me
@Sai Karthik: both or only GitHub? I rechecked just now: GitHub is back, but the Internet Archive now says: “ Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India ”

how democratic is india ?
@Badri Sunderarajan if only you are afected, perhaps our object of spy or only your isp block sites ...
how democratic is india ?

A bit, I guess :P

if only you are afected, perhaps our object of spy or only your isp block sites ...

The Internet Archive is definitely a government-initiated block, now that it's showing the official block message. Both were giving the not-loading behaviour yesterday evening.

My guess is that they did that as a quick-fix censorship and later, then got their act together just now, displaying the official message for and (for whatever reason) unblocking

Of course, it might also be that GitHub was not loading for me for other reasons.
I have no prob loading too
@Sai Karthik: Now it's working for me too! Must have been unblocked.