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#Friendica vs #Hubzilla vs #Mastodon

I've been running a #Friendica node for several years now. Some months ago I also started to run a #Hubzilla hub as well. Some days ago I also installed #Mastodon on a virtual machine, because there was so much hype about Mastodon in the last days due to some changes Twitter made in regards of 3rd party clients.

All of those social networks do have their own focus:

Friendica: basically can connect to all other social networks, which is quite nice because there exists historically two different worlds: the Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome) and the Fediverse (GnuSocial, Mastodon, postActiv, Pleroma). Only Friendica and Hubzilla can federate with both: Federation and Fediverse.
Friendicas look&feel appears sometimes a little bit outdated and old, but it works very well and reliable.

Hubzilla: is the second pla... show more
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# has a # like # which works fine with desktop: #

@AHg - Well, to me Mastodon has a Tweetdeck like UI. Which I don't like that much. So, that's more of a Con than a Pro... ;)

The default Client is Tweet deck like, that's right. But I use it with mobile ;)
Desktop client # is a twitter clone (not tweet deck), but isn't responsive and have no mobile view at the moment.

Uhm? On my Hubzilla hub on I do see posts and comments from Mastodon. It appears as coming via ActivityPub:

2 minutes ago from ActivityPub

What does not work (as stated by Friendica when adding a Mastodon contact) are private messages with Mastodon.

Hmmm... you mean Friendica Android clients? As I don't have Android, I don't give any advises or comment on what's available.
Maybe you should ask !Friendica Support for this...