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#Friendica vs #Hubzilla vs #Mastodon

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# has a # like # which works fine with desktop: #
@AHg - Well, to me Mastodon has a Tweetdeck like UI. Which I don't like that much. So, that's more of a Con than a Pro... ;)
The default Client is Tweet deck like, that's right. But I use it with mobile ;)
Desktop client # is a twitter clone (not tweet deck), but isn't responsive and have no mobile view at the moment.
Uhm? On my Hubzilla hub on I do see posts and comments from Mastodon. It appears as coming via ActivityPub:

2 minutes ago from ActivityPub

What does not work (as stated by Friendica when adding a Mastodon contact) are private messages with Mastodon.
Hmmm... you mean Friendica Android clients? As I don't have Android, I don't give any advises or comment on what's available.
Maybe you should ask !Friendica Support for this...