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This is me.

Hello! I'm in the process of switching over to Friendica instead of Diaspora. (They're all interoperable, by the way, so it won't make a difference to you: except that you'll have to re-add me using the new contact).

If you're visiting my profile because you I added you as a contact, this is to confirm that I'm the same person who was using

You can see my post announcing the move here:
How you like your new account? I hope diaspora continues to improve.
Well, I got it mainly for the interface. There's one theme, Frio, that looks very nice, and I was getting a bit tired of the Diaspora posts extending a long way to the right. (Small things, I know, but when the big issues are solved, those are what bug you :P)

Otherwise...well, I've only just begun to explore the functionality of Friendica. I can keep you updated as I find out new things :)

And yes, I hope all the federated networks continue to improve, enough so that everyone feels comfortable joining in!