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Good Morning

I wake up at 5:30 am. I dreamt I lost my trousers and had to steal a skirt. The oven cursed a companion and changed him into a #monster. They were red hot with pincer hands, chasing me around to assimilate me too into their biomechanic symbiosis...

I woke up the #puppy and pushed him into the garden. We had a piss together. When we returned my mate was feeding the #cats. I made breakfast for Amshel and defended the cat food, as I promised.


I started #vaping and had a cup of cold #coffee, so I missed the right moment and the dog left some pooh in the cat toilet.

We went out again, I fed the ladies and the pidgeons. We played a bit.

8 am - returning to bed. Perfect... let‘s see whether I can beat the oven...