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The Eternal Fascism/Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco

I recently read "The Eternal Fascism" by Umberto Eco. It's a short essay (~50 pages long, I read it in about half an hour) in which Eco analyzes how there is no unified identity to the historical italian fascism, and then points out 14 traits that all forms of fascism have in common.

Here you can find a video where the essay is read out loud.

I think the essay is a very lucid and spot-on analysis on what fascism is at its core. It's also worrying how much of what Eco wrote back in 1995 has similarities with what is happening both in the US and in Italy.

I highly recommend reading/listening to it

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It didn't relly tell me anything new, but it was definitely illuminating to have everything written down in such a clear and precise way :D