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Hey #Fediverse,

I have a blog built with a static site generator. I've like to figure out a way to connect it to the Fediverse. Basically, I'd like people to be able to follow my blog through Mastodon/Friendica/Pleroma/etc. The blog itself would be an Actor.

Even though it's a static site, I think I can manage, through static JSON-LD files, hooks in the build process, and maybe a microservice for anything that *must* be dynamic, to get it to work (and all for free, hopefully).

I read the intro at, and that helped a lot. But there's several pieces I don't understand yet.

Reading through the spec is a bit much. I'm looking for a good, really thorough tutorial on ActivityPub/ActivityStreams.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

#AskFedi #ActivityPub #ActivityStreams #Programming

@Dan Jones If you just want people to get the latest updates, the you should activate RSS feeds. In Friendica you can follow directly RSS Feeds.

Dan, there is a guy who did something similar, maybe check out his tools for inspiration?

Not too many comprehensive AP tutorials I'm afraid. There is the Mastodon blog which has published a few writings like this:

Don't know if there are *really* good tutorials. Some good articles there are, but they are dispersed, hard to find.

Might have a look at existing #ActivityPub impls, see @strypey list:

Or ask at the AP forum at:

I have actually given some thought to this in the past.

Last year I began porting Isso (a self hosted commenting service similar to Disqus) to PHP and paused that work thinking it would be a nice idea to try and make such a service federated via ActivityPub or oStatus.

I became busy with other projects and shelved the idea for the time being but it's certainly one that has huge potential.

If you don't want to do all the ActivityPub work yourself, you could check out

do take a look at That might be exactly what you are looking for.