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What types/eras of philosophy are you interested in?

After reading a book about philosophy of mind ( I decided to be convinced of monism for the time being ;) Neuroscience needs good philosophy to avoid popular misunderstandings. So it is modern, "popular" and materialistic philosophy that interests me most. An Example for popular philosophy that impressed me very much:
Further I am a fan of enlightenment, empowerment of minorities, new forms of democray and sex positive feminism.

Mice jumped to my eyes.. I breed mice.

Oh, lovely! We have about twenty mice that were presents of the cats, who try to teach us to hunt and kill. But we separate the sexes, it gets too much otherwise. Most of them are house mice, but we have two field mice too. They are so cute! We keep them in very large terrariums and serve them breakfast (fresh fruit and vegetables of the season) every day. A whole room is dedicated to them. What kind of mice do you breed?

My computer also has mice :-P

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@Daniel Wagner I breed pet mice. In different colors and fur types. Short, long, curly, fuzzy, satin, nude.
In Finland you are not allowed to keep wild animals as a pet.

That's a great pastime... we are not allowed either, but we keep only the disabled and late fall and winter mice - they would die if we do not keep them.

Hello. Best thing is to search the tags for profiles that seems interesting, and then add as many as you like. It will fill up your stream and you can just unfollow again. People here are not that into many followers. It's more about interaction.

yay, I'm finally relevant!

Your humor, Sir, has teeth on both ends!

Hi there, welcome to diaspora*