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Friendica and collections

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@Patrick Marchiodi There is a support forum @Friendica Support where you get help in such cases ;)

You should have a widget "Saved folders" or something like that. And if you use Theme Frio, there is a button on every post on the top right. When you click on it, yous should have an option "Save to folder". (the names may vary, because I use the german UI ;)

thanks @hoergen :)
I do use Frio and I see the "Saved Folders" box in the left column. Do my followers also see in which folders I save my posts?

@Patrick Marchiodi I don't think so, but I don't know.

I want your collections back, too. :D

@patmax17 yes! Give us your collection again! My productivity at work has increased too much in last times :)

Friendica and Hubzilla both have categories which could be used to provide personal collections, although there isn't an easy way to subscribe/follow them. I saw recently that somebody was working on G+ collections for Zap.

I asked the guy doing this for Zap and it turns out he's the original author of both Friendica and Hubzilla. Collections isn't working yet, but when I asked about following categories he said you could use the "connection filter" feature in Hubzilla to choose which posts you want in your stream from any of your contacts. I can follow only your posts about #dragons and ignore everything else. He's adding a way to support categories so I can use $dragons to filter on a category instead of the hashtag #dragons. Apparently Friendica has something similar.

On Friendica you can follow hashtags, when you search for it and save the search with the "+".

@hoergen Following tags is different from collections, which are usually single topic posts by a particular author that you can follow like a Facebook page. I want to see Dave Sutton's animations but that doesn't mean I want to see all animations or even all of Dave Sutton posts. This connection filter might work for what we need.

@Blinky hmm you could create another account or forum, where you post alle topic related stuff in there.
I do so with movies, cryptocurrencies, music, musicproduction, running and my federation podcast.

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

I guess it depends hugely on your workplace. xD
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Well yes, of course. But I rather err on the side of cautious ;)