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Here's a series of articles (six in total) about how rules shape player behavior and gaming experience, why D&D isn't a good game for stories and why so many groups show the same problematic behavioral patterns

#rpg #storygames #ttrpg #DnD

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I'm going to have to put this in my blogroll. Never see this one.
I have to thank @Hardcore Narrativist for this, it was linked in one of his articles. Also, he posted about it a few months ago :)
@PresGas Gah, no, I didn't see their replies! I'll go read them now, thanks 😄
I made sure to read all six parts because you said in your article that it was important, and I agree. I didn't really changed my understanding of the first parts of the article since to me the first parts are more generic while the others are more specific to dnd, but it was indeed an interesting further focus
I see your post, but Hardcore is not hyperlinked here in diaspora land.
ok i tried, and my posts do show up both on diaspora and mastodon, but not the posts from those networks (i hoped that friendica would "translate" the comments, but it doesn't seem to work that way)
oh and btw this is how it looks on friendica:

Yep, that sounds about like what I saw when I played with hubzilla. They are similarly constructed.