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Tabletop QOTD 2020-03-18

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Like you, I support Dyson on Patreon. I also support Cam Banks ( and I have a small patreon of my own (
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On Patreon...

* Fat Goblin Games
* Owen K.C. Stephens
* Foundry Gaming
* Barbesgaard

Following (haven't pulled the trigger to support)
* Purple Duck Games
* Epic Isometric
* Johnn Four
* Yanfly

Like @Eric Franklin, I have my own patreon, nominally, but it's not even populated and I'm not publishing anything through it, so I'll not provide the link now.
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I don't use patreon even though i've been considering it for quite a while now. I admit I'm a bit scared of monthly subscriptions that pay automatically, and I'm not sure how much I can toss at creators at the moment.
@Moe Tousignant - I'd never heard of podpledge- thanks for that shout out! And I totally agree about itch- I've been getting used to it, but it's definitely a different paradigm being geared towards digital gaming and just being repurposed for tabletop.
I do like that it's specifically designed for podcasters and has a lot less of the limits of Patreon. Like you can do things like giveaways and swag. There are some major board game podcasters that use it.