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Federation Friday!

Tomorrow we begin #FederationFriday: Invite your #furry friends to #Diaspora and #Frendica.

It's time to take back our communities, take back our data, and tell Facebook, Twitter, and Google to heck off!

#FederationFriday #furry #Diaspora #Frendica #FederationFriday #Frendica #Diaspora #Fediverse (x)

oh come on, i cant even find where to edit my aspects here, there is nothing here, its a failed social, just proves why Free Market Economy survives even if it kills millions of humans.

To edit you're followed tags, in the browser you hover the mouse over the tag and click the "x" to delete it. To add tags is simple.

On mobile using Dandelion:
Main Menu > Tags > Manage Hashtags > Click "x" beside tags to delete.

In mobile browser:
Main Menu > Followed Tags > Click "x" beside tags to remove.

You can't edit the text to the tags, but you couldn't do that with Sparks and can't do that on followed tags with Twitter either.

yaa i got it, i never use mobile for internet, had to bang my head searching it, very non intuitive,

#Friendica, surely? not that hashtags in comments work :)

In posts but not comments, IIRC.