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- Scientists Grew a Mysterious Life Form That Could Reveal The Origins of Complex Life -

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yeah, we know, we know!


Looks like candy. Probably possible to turn into candy adding sugar.

@Rixty Dixet With this news I see something taking shape...

maybe like, a parodic transposition of flat-earthism to (a)biogenesis that would postulate that all life on earth descends from a single original species -- what's close to mainstream -- but from a species of microbe with which aliens deliberately inseminated the earth in the beginning, to never come back -- what's departing from mainstream...

And that this species was an eukaryote!

What's preposterous relative to mainstream.

Adepts would mimic flat-earthers in their ways by investing energy into narratives that describe bacteria, archea, viruses etc as successors and descendants of the initial eukaryote rather than as predecessors and ancestors to all eukaryotes as is mainstream.

like the flat earth hypothesis, Boris.. it is all poppycock! Who spams a post with a puppy pic that context in no way justifies, has no business lecturing on poppycock. Further, It's not polite to challenge people you've never met over what they say to third parties without having reacted to what they told you first.

So, you're saying I jumped the cue? Okay, man. I'll wait. ;)