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Hashtag to discover G+ refugees of the RPG community

So, I've been around for a few weeks now and IMO the fediverse/federation isn't very good at letting people discover each other. So I want to try something: let's use the #gplusRPG hashtag to find people coming from G+ who landed on diaspora, friendica, mastodon or whatever.

If you are interested in tabletop RPGs and come from the Google+ RPG community, and if you want to find like-minded people on the fediverse/federation, share a public post with the #gplusRPG hashtag, so that others can find you easily!

Hashtags do cross over to other servers if someone there is following you, so it's not all for naught. For example I spotted this post via the #GplusRPG tag from

Ohh, it's enough that anyone on that server follows you?
Good to know.

@Patrick Marchiodi yup, Mastadon also, and since Frendica federates using both Mastodon & Diaspora protocols, should be true there as well. The simple idea is that when you make a post, a copy is delivered to every other node where you have at least one follower. Then that message is part of the message database there, and available for hashtag searches.

If you gain a new follower at a server where you previously had none, that server won't suddenly get copies of your old posts, but will get any new ones you make after being followed.