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New user

I just signed up for Nerdica, and I'm fairly new to the Fediverse. I'm trying to change my password from the default one sent to me, and it refuses to change. Under my "Account Settings", I enter my current password (the one sent to me by email), and a new password with confirmation.

When I click "Save Settings", two notifications appear, one saying "Login failed" and another with "Password unchanged".

Any idea why I can't change my password?

Hmmm, there are (in my profile and under my selected theme) 3 input fields:
1) New Password
2) Confirm New Password
3) Old Password

If you first enter the old password and then the new password, this won't work and I think would show the effect you are experiencing.

No, I'm entering my new password under "New Password" and "Confirm New Password", and the old password under "Old Password".

I just stated it out of order. I'm entering them in the correct spot, and still it's not working.

Oh, ok... so, then I'm slightly running out of ideas... except to maybe change the theme or wait a little bit more, because there is still some heavy load on the server because of the switch-over yesterday to the newest release candidate of Friendica. But as the server is still quite responsive, I don't think that the load is the issue.

If the problem still persist tomorrow, can you please address it again in the official Friendica support forum? Maybe some of the developers have an idea then...

Ok, then there seems to be an issue. Can you report this to the support forum, please?

I also don't seem to be able to post to the support forum.

I clicked on the "Message" button, and got an empty modal.


I also keep getting notifications that say "Permission denied" randomly. I'm not sure where that's coming from.

I just tried signing up for another Friendica instance. That instance had also just upgraded to 2019.03-rc. I had the exact same problem there.

So, I think this could be a bug introduced by the upgrade. I'm going to try and find an instance on the previous version.

I fixed it. It had nothing to do with the theme, or the version of Friendica.

TBH, I don't really know what the problem was, but when I requested a password reset, that worked. Then, after logging in with the new password, I was able to change my password to whatever I wanted after that.