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Looks like it happened again today and this time on greater scale: GPS navigation in the center of Moscow "failed". News reported it as "failure" but in fact it was clearly spoofed as devices were not just losing signal but finding themselves in the middle of airport. This makes it especially fun for taxi passengers as some taxi apps use GPS to calculate fares and can bill them for airport fare.

This was happening from time to time for a while now. The reason, although never officially acknowledged, is simple - Mr. Putin is shy of drones and someone in his security thinks it is a grand idea to spoof GPS with airport coordinates so drones find themselves in "no fly zone" and refuse to operate. Because obviously terrorists and CIA fly Mavic drones with stock firmware.

What can I say. This shit is sad because it is so stupid.

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Yesterday I tried to find my way from metro station and suddenly I found myself on airfield. I wanted to reboot my phone but suddenly everything went back to normal.

By the way modern Chinese phones are far less likely to get spoofed. I think it is because they have BeiDou/GLONASS/GPS support and likely give priority to their own system.

Last time I run something with a crowd it was fun to see how many runners were thrown to the airport simultaneously at one point but some were not and their tracks seemed alright.