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RAW Photographers, watch out!

📷 Round 2019-06 of #diaspoRAW 📸

Show us how YOU process the RAW file of this round.
✱ Get creative! ✱ Be inspired! ✱ Learn! ✱ Have fun! ✱

How to participate:
  • Share this post to get more photographers on board and add #diaspoRAW to your followed tags or just keep an eye on the tag.
  • Download the provided RAW file and process it with your preferred RAW processor.
  • Post your result public adding the tags #
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A raw image is the unprocessed data from a camera sensor. More advanced cameras are able to store this pure data and not only the image in JPG format, which has the fancy look you can setup in your camera (natural, vivid, sepia, monochrome, ...). The raw images hold much more information about the photo than a JPG image and they allow photographers to recover a lot of details that would not be available in a JPG. A raw processor as it is mentioned in the announcement is a computer program that allows you to edit such raw photos. The fact that editing raw photos comes with so many more possibilities, the outcomes of the editing step can be very different. That's the motivation for this community activity: we invite all photographers to use the raw picture you can download (see the announcement text) and to edit it to their liking - and share it here of course. Seeing the different interpretations of the exact same photo is very interesting.
Have a look at the past months we have seen this activity going on so far. Just click on the tag #... show more this challenge @Frank Nitsch ...thanks so much! ...lots of ways to go with it!

Tja, wenn damals Speicherplatz nicht so teuer gewesen wäre... Aber im Vergleich zu den Gesamtkosten des Projekts doch wohl eher ein Witz... Ja, "Rohdaten sind geil", wie schon David Kriesel von Spiegel-Mining in seinem meinte... ;-)

You're more than welcome with your creativity and as a trusted contributor, @I am not Alice. 😉

This is the link to my entry for this round. Thank you to everybody, who has participated so far. It's great to see so many unique ways you can edit this photo. :-)