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Please be sure to use the #mywork hashtag

This is one of the ways people can control what they see. I am far more interested in things like art and music coming from creators than from shares, although if the shared thing has the hashtag, I will then see it. Accurate tagging is very important, in general.

Hashtags are the most effective discovery on D* and they're far better than the "suggested user" lists and "you may know" and "you may like" foisted on us by Google+

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"Accurate tagging is very important, in general" YES !!! I gave an example quite recently : If I post an article, about a current event, where a person who has power and/or fame is mentioned. To me it's important to put a tag with his/her name #Wilson because maybe in 6 months time the'll be another event, might be a scandal or whatever, that implicates this very person. Then with the tag #Wilson, it will be possible to read what has been posted about this person previously.

I also am interested in original work and not so much recycled posts. I just keep forgetting to use the tag on my photos. Gotta get into the habit.

[These remarks aren’t aimed at any one person, they’re just my two-cents-worth]

It’s not always obvious that the photo you’re posting is yours, for the simple reason that there are so many people posting other people’s work without crediting the person who created, and owns the copyright in, that work. If everyone did so, there wouldn’t be a need for the #mywork tag. I’ve even gone so far as to use #notmywork when it hasn’t been clear. [And still, on G+, a few people have ‘congratulated’ me on the lead photo in what is clearly a news item.]

I know from experience that there are people who simply won’t share with you or look at your posts if you share other people’s work without accreditation.

Now, back on topic: I agree that it’s best to use some form of #mywork or #myphoto tag so that people can find you. It’s not too tricky to create a template that includes them. It’s also good for signalling that it really is your work.

The problem is, that you cannot combine hashtags in your search on Diaspora. #mywork may help others to find more interesting content, but as author it does not help you to search for your own pictures, that why I use a special hashtag to mark my own pictures. On one hand it shows any reader, that this picture was taken by the poster and on the other hand I can find all my posted pictures with one search. In the end everything leads to the conculusion, that Diaspora desperatly needs a more sofisticated search function (full-text and hashtag with e.g. and, or, not)

I agree, @Erik. It would also be nice to be able to combine our Followed #tags in more ways than just OR.

Just to add one important thing,

Use of hashtags varies on different networks

Some liked and some didn't like them on Google+ One thing I personally found annoying was when photographers used 20 tags in a post. I understand why, it was to get seen by every fit topic, maximum exposure, contests, etc. Twitter and Instagram are big on hashtags, always have been. So for those who arrive somewhere new, it can be confusing. Some one gave me an "Oh no, hashtags :(" on Mastodon early on. Maybe a good rule is, if they actually serve a purpose, use them!

I posted about this because I only learned recently about the #mywork tag and it's very important to me and to the people who commented above and explained why.

People share photos they see, like and want to share
More power to them, but unless it's so mind-blowing it must be seen by everyone, I'm not aching for the 1,000,000 beautiful landscape with the filter to make the waterfall foam l... show more

@Erik that's a good point, I use my own unique #maditations on certain music posts and I publicize it which makes it work a little like a collection.

as @(((Horschtel))) already says - it helps to differentiate if there are simply "any “pretty+beautiful” pictures from the net or personal, self-made things. Now that many people from G+ are new to Diaspora, the mass of these “spam pictures” has massively increased - this is annoying and so I like to ask if they are own works or just pictures from the net.
I think it’s a pity that when pictures are posted from the net they don’t at least mention the artist.
Linked Images I will never like or discuss.
Thats how i do it also

Some of us post linked images because they take up far less space on the server. Even at 4.2 MB maximum size, a few tens of thousands of these build up to a lot of disk space.

Oh, OK, apologies. I didn't realise that your comment about linked images only referred to non-accredited images posted by other people.

All fine and dandy with everything said above.
Just to add one thing (a fair warning actually): those who post pics or other things they don't make even less own, but still tag as theirs ==> instant block (as far as I'm concerned).
Yes, we had a few cases.
(I did it once but it was a careless copy/paste, that I corrected in comment ;)

another addition :
finally, it's still a decision whether to limit your own digne or post it openly. But also with limited posts the tags make sense "

i guess, not many G + people will probably stay here because they have a different idea of a social network, and they do not quite understand the principle of the decentralized network. pity There are also some trolls and jerks here - but they probably are everywhere.
But it's still worth it to stay here and get involved with D *. Meanwhile there is a very nice creative community on diaspora and there are always very exciting new things that invite to participate (for example #sundaygimp)
If anything is unclear ask and tag your questions e.g. with #question or #help #diaspora, #admin, #etc

@randulo 🎸🎷, I was starting to do some research on mobile shortcut/hotkeys. I found that there might be a way, but real life stopped me in my tracks (I was falling asleep).

As someone else mentioned, the fact that you can only search one tag at a time is kind of annoying. A single tag can be ambitious. For example. If I wanted you find Randy's Alto practice tracks the best way to find it is if I could search @Dr. Dulo ♬ (randulo) 🎷🎸 #mywork #altosax. Of all I search for is #mywork I get a lot of posts from who knows how many people. Even if I searched @Dr. Dulo ♬ (randulo) 🎷🎸 #mywork I will get his photos and guitar work. Even if I search @Dr. Dulo ♬ (randulo) 🎷🎸 #altosax it's still ambitious.

If that isn't fixed we could see where the tags on a post take up more room than the comments.

@Garry Knight
Some of us post linked images because they take up far less space on the server. Even at 4.2 MB maximum size, a few tens of thousands of these build up to a lot of disk space.
That's an important point especially for Diaspora pods with a lot of users. As podmin I appreciate such a behavior. because in contrast to Google+, Facebook etc. we are all hobbyists who invest private money. It is nice to see that users think about those things.

btw, everyone should take care to post only https URLs if possible, because it makes the Diaspora network a little more secure - mixed content, which means http and https, always carry the risk of cross-site-scripting.

A very important point, @Erik. I wish browsers would at least put up a warming if you try to go to an http:// site. I suspect that many people either don't bother to check, or don't know why they should.

Reshared via David Thierry's reshare.

+1 @Erik

I like to upload my photos straight into Pluspora so that potential viewers are more likely to be actual viewers, ie they don't have to hit "Show more" to see the photo. But I've first resized each photo to somewhat smaller than 1000 px on each side.

Resizing is a good practice to save resources.

I never used hashtags till I joined D* via Framasphère, it requires a little practice to be optimized. At the beginning, I created many hashtags just putting # in text. Later on, when seraching in the "search" case, I noticed that even if the hashtag does not exist (you get an empty page), just typing them looks as if they exist but the whole of the appearing tags have then to be sorted, this can be discouraging.

@randulo 🎸🎷 I use minimun two hastags, one is #mywork :-) and the other(s) depends on the theme of the posting.

When I started here 4-5 years ago the tag #ownwork was the most common. I use both on my Katharsidrill profile, but a fast check shows that there is only a few people using #ownwork now.

@Jakobu I like it but didn't know about it.

@Anne Har
I noticed that even if the hashtag does not exist (you get an empty page)
I don't think it's that they don't exist. I think it's that you're the first person to have used it, out of all the people your pod knows about. It's possible that others have used it but your pod isn't receiving their posts. I assume that your hashtag will propagate out to all the pods framasphere knows about, and will be added to the hashtag 'pool'.

But I'd be grateful if someone (a podmin?) would confirm or deny this.

Another good reason to follow the hashtags #tip, #tips, #diaspora, and #diasporatips.

@randulo 🎸🎷 A wealth of information here! As a newbie i really appreciate the thought behind the post as well as the substantive comments .... Great conversation! will definitely use the "mywork" hastag going forward - especially now that I know how it works! Thank you!

I found a way to create shortcut/hotkeys on both Android and IOS.

It looks pretty easy I will give it try later.

@Justin Pletzfeld doesn't look so bad, photography and myphoto almost on par with these other tags :)

@Alexander Yes, this gives hope. lol

I have been doing this with many of my photos.