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A really interesting discussion is happening in this socialhub thread, i highly encourage you to leave your feedback if you care about Prismo future!

@prismo subs may be a redundancy, also considering a fediverse of specialized prismo-instances

@prismo The biggest reddit-like spanish site,, implemented subs some months ago but they didn't engage the users.

@Prismo △
While there is some merit in the idea of having only one channel per #Prismo instance, this should not generally prevent admins from setting up multiple ones. This is also how forums in #Hubzilla and groups in #GNUSocial are handled.
I also think sub-channels make sense in a federation, as they are identical to regular user channels, but (depending on access rights) can be posted on using the !bang and subscribed to just like regular channels. This again is already an established federation standard from #Hubzilla and #GNUSocial.

For a similar project to enable AP on #Flarum (#Feddle extention) it was discussed to translate the main #forum categories into channels and the subforums and tags into #hashtags

@prismo moderated tags all the way, time to bring in the new !

@David Prieto @Prismo △ I guess either? Not sure how that would translate to ActivityPub, but on Hubzilla forum channels can have detailed access permissions all the way from fully private to fully public.