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Nextcloud 16 introduces machine learning based security and usability features, ACL permissions and cross-app projects

Nextcloud 16 is smarter than ever, with machine learning to detect suspicious logins and offering clever recommendations. Group Folders now sport access control lists so system administrators can easily manage who has access to what in organization-wide shares. They've also introduced Projects, a way to easily relate and find related information like files, chats or tasks.

Privacy is under attack more than ever before. Nextcloud is explicitly designed to help users escape the privacy-invading cloud providers, offering a replacement to Office 365, Dropbox and Google apps. What does privacy mean for our users, and how can Nextcloud help you keep your data under control? Nextcloud 16 introduces the Privacy center, where users can see where their data is and who has access to it.

Nextcloud features over 200 click-to-install apps in their app store, allowing you to add all kinds of new capabilities.

Good to see this excellent alternative to Dropbox (actually that's unfair as it does way more than Dropbox) alternative moving steadily forward with many new and improved... show more