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The Mystery of the Missing & Late Cross-Platform Posts


Fellow Hubzillans, I apologize in advance for combining so many questions into one post. I'm super confused and frustrated but I don't understand cross-platform #federation well enough to know what to be frustrated with or how to tease these issues apart. Yesterday, I wanted to test #hubzilla notifications of "mentions" from multiple platforms. So, I created posts mentioning this Hubzilla account from my #diaspora, #mastodon, #friendica, and #osada accounts.... show more was down for quite some time the day before yesterday. Delays are probably related to that...

Ah, regarding @Giacomino ’s comment appearing as unthreaded and authored by me ... I wonder if this is the issue that @Mr. X fixed last month; it was also related to comments on posts that had been edited (which this post was as well).

yeah i wouldnt take our hub as a reference or testing instance as we had sone issues the last day. also we are not up to date (finally planned for this week) so if anything i would wait for next week annoucement that we have updated to latest and got rid of all the issues before using our hub to test anything.

I've got nothing from my Friendica account for about a week >.<