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Hello Fediverse!

What are some good community hashtags on here that people might want to know about?

For example:

#introductions - post a bit about yourself and your interests, so that people can welcome you to the Fediverse

#Fediverse #Hashtags #Tags

#smallstories — writing of small moments that hint at something more expansive .... it’s the noticing of the world ...

Theres #fediplay for posting tracks that you're listening to, becomes a kind of community radio.

#music has some activity too but could do with a little more.

I'd like to know hashtags for discussion of films / books / contemporary art too but haven't found any yet.

#FuckGoogle tends to be quite popular.

Hi! We have a beautiful hashtag called #canHelpWith :)

#florespondence to post pictures of flowering, blossoming trees, plants. It's beautiful! 💜

That's wonderful! What a great use of a community tag 😍

#NewHere : works almost the same as #Introduction.

#ff : for follow suggestions.

#Mastodon / #fediverce / your own instance hashtag ( #Inditoot, for me, for example) : needs no explaining, can be great for asking for opinions of general public.

personally a fan of #sunDIY for... diy projects you're doing on Sundays, and #thinkingutopia for what you'd like to see in an ideal, sustainable society.

#AskTheFediverse or #AskFediverse are good if you need help with getting information that's hard to find on search engines.

There is the hashtag #vendredilecture (used by the Francophone community) to talk about the book(s) you are reading or have recently read. 📖