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For The New G-Plus Refugees Coming To Pluspora Let’s Do The Aspects Again :

Folks who are not on Pluspora, feel free to skip this post, this is really just intended for the refugees on our Pod and not meant to klutter up your reading. Folks who are already being shared with by me are in my Aspects don't need to read this again for the most part (if you haven't seen it but I am sharing with you then please do skim along).

This is probably going to be the last public post of the Aspects. I will do an abbreviated one in the future only for folks in my Aspects already but I will be reducing my public posting due to hate mongers on other pods that I have zero interest in.

Things are fading out over on G-Plus. I've been checking back daily and watching as folks pack up, say farewells and lock up the hold place. I've also been here on Pluspora for months now. If you know me or have heard about this place from me th... show more

I'm envious. Your Aspects are so logical and precise, @Joseph Teller.

Mine are a total mess...
  • family
  • friends
  • not sure yet
  • technical
  • metal head
  • bikers
  • cat people
  • news
  • diaspora
  • pluspora friends
  • G+ refugees
  • science
  • linux
  • godless infidels

@V. T. Eric Layton feel free to drop me into your aspects as well...

technically you can mark me a cat person, but I'm catless these days (we had cats for 18 years and miss them terribly and I really want to have another some day but only Bast will decide if that will happen).

Anything else where our aspects match feel free to drop my into your aspects on.

I'm not a godless infidel, I'm a neopagan, and my music tastes are all over the place having assistant managed a record/dvd and instrument selling shop for a while in the 80s, lived with an ex-roadie for a bit, wife was an early music wind performer and one time belly dance troupe member, and my dad was a wedding musician as a side gig back before there were DJs.

I set up my aspects in this fashion when I realized the security problems and posting problems and ran into some of the Neo-Nazi Alt-Right crazies on the other servers. I believe in civil and polite conversation and do my best to stay to that standard unless someone comes across as rude, crude, trolling, violent or too crazy for even my eccentric nature.

A lot is just how I used to manage my G+ posting into their Collections. I had a collection for nearly each and every aspect I have here (though in collections I kept most of them public as G+ had alot less problems with the alt-right and a block tool that actually blocked all the way around).

Good morning, @Joseph Teller. Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to organize too well here at Pluspora. I basically copied my Aspects and #hashtags from my old Diaspora account.

Also, I don't post to individual Aspects here at Pluspora. Normally, I post Public. Occasionally, I post only to Aspects (all of them at once) for items such as birthday wishes, etc. that the recipients might not want to see blasted all over the Public stream.

You've been in my Aspects for quite some time; since some weeks back when we had an interesting conversation regarding our love and esteem for the gentleman represented by your avatar here. You were deposited in my "Pluspora Friends" catch-all Aspect at that time.

One of these days, I must find the time to get all this a bit more organized. Scattershot is not normally my way at all. I have mild "organization" OCD. I just haven't really had the time lately to shift and arrange the shelves here at my new Pluspora home. Soon, maybe...

Have a great day!

You welcome, I post only publicly and most of the time I post photos I take. So I may be a troller for you..

Oh! I write too. I do have several interests too, and trying to keep up with them. Yes, sometimes it is hard to match interests. I tried at G+, tried to manage circle according to people's interest and I was planing to post accordingly. It is not easy job and takes lots of time. I don't have that much of time to spend here. Anyway, I like to take photos and like to write too. and realized my writing is getting better here :) since there is no editing option.

Stil figuring out this new 'place', nice to know good people are everywhere. Thanks for the info how to create private circles (will take me some time to learn this new ways and terminology)
You can sign me up for these:
#Technology it when a plan comes together...

+1!!! Was such a fan of George Peppard in College....and A-Team fan as well...