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hUmAnS aRe InHeReNtLy SeLfIsH!1 !

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

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If men were angles there would be no need for government.

a somewhat obtuse statement ;-)
HAHAHAHA! I got that one. ;) Image/Photo @Alan Cox!

Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People
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hUmAnS aRe InHeReNtLy SeLfIsH!1 !
I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#meme #capitalism #selfish #wikipedia #... show more

werner wichtig werner wichtig
vor weniger als eine Minute
Wikipedia butbis a severely bad bad bad cccriminal Genocider-Org!!! Evidence:. Their massvevabd over YEaARS persistingvLIES , Fakenews about Mostnimportant DiseasebonnEarth: KPU, Kryptopyrroluria!!! So they intentionalky want 2-3 BillionnOeopke to remain ill fir the Profit ifvPhysicians and """"Health"""--System !!!!!! This us really satanic and much much muchnworse than thenhitkersts, german nazis!!!

V t eric Laecherlichton!!! What are U criming here!??? Leftbur shitty uSSa in order 2 niwvterrorize us here in Oaradise ( na ja, relativ...) Also!!

Ami go Home!!!!!!! Ami go Home!!! Ami really : U gave 2 leave niw!! Sandmaennchen kommt auch gleich, huschhusch ins PluspieaKoerbchen!!!!

One could argue that preserving the common good is ultimately a selfish act for self-preservation.

But that is a selfishness behind which there is no unethical consequence, and as such this is a good, desirable selfishness.

That's the problem with shortcut words such as "selfish", "lazy", "theft" etc... by using them for our moral guidance we rarely reevaluate why we've attached some moral value to them and as we shift and twist the meaning of the words as we evolve, we start making wrong moral decisions based on just words -- we forget why being selfish is considered a bad thing. It simply is bad.

It is considered bad because usually being selfish, as an individual, you hurt others, by taking away their resources etc . But if we, as a whole mankind, are selfish in thinking of benefiting ourselves as a whole, there is no one who gets hurt, keeping in mind we're not hurting other species of course.

This shortcut-word thinking is extremely abused in statement like "piracy is theft" and so on. It's important to be aware of this and with important conclusions avoid shortcut words.

Zitat zum Thema: Menschheit, Menschen

Nie haben die Massen nach Wahrheit gedürstet. Von den Tatsachen, die ihnen mißfallen, wenden sie sich ab und ziehen es vor, den Irrtum zu vergöttern, wenn er sie zu verführen vermag. Wer sie zu täuschen versteht, wird leicht ihr Herr, wer sie aufzuklären sucht, stets ihr Opfer.
Gustave Le Bon

(1841 - 1931), franz. Arzt und Soziologe, Begründer der Massenpsychologie

Quelle: Le Bon, Psychologie der Massen (Psychologie des foules), 1895, deutsch von Rudolf Eisler, Leipzig 191

yaa thats how brainwashing sounds

yep, i've made something like 20 albums, no profit. countless works of art, no profit. several free software ("open source") projects, no profit. endless support offerings, no profit. thousands of writings/articles/commentaries, no profit. numerous designs, no profit. several advertisements (including one for tv), no profit.

even with offering profit does not coerce any change of activity, and any attempt to do something for profit ends in ruining it and any motivation to complete. not just me, seems the same with those i see irl.

bring on #universalbasicincome

A little bit m o r e about ADhD, BORDERLINE nad the KPU-SCANDAL !!! KPU = krypopyrroluria !! The most common DOSEASE on EARTH !!! YET kept sectret and n o t even diagnosed by that !!! THE biggest MEDICAL, b u t not yet MDIAL SCANDAL of ALL TIMES!!! - vor weniger als eine Minute - vor weniger als eine Minute
Most Problems i had , --and even still have --are of totally different KIND: HACKER-Attacks aginst me, my Electronic Data Processing (Hard- & Software!) I = called also "I T " , at least in germany, and , since about 1 YEAR also new style:

In Vitro-LIVE-Attacks precisely against and whilst my POSTINGS/Editings here .Suddenly a pink Colored OVERLAY is laid over Ur actual Website, where u are just weiting in the ONLNE-EDITOR U can see some minor elements of ur correct Website still, but the OVERLAY is covering 90% of it and the Send-Button of the Site is also disabled !!! I show U Screenshots of this. This now happene d about 40 Times or so…
With Proof also delivered at pecisely tjhe... show more

So, with my Comments i wanted only 2 say, that we should be very careful if we start 2 think too positively about Guys , whoi alleghedly do and claim 2 work non profit 4 the PEOPLE!! Pretty often exactely t h e s e are tjhe real bad GUYS l, but can camouflage …
makes me think of the type of "philanthropy" of the likes of bill gates. for-profit ploys presenting as benevolent gifts. beware the deceivers. - 36 minutes ago

@Digit although not a big fan of Gates and don’t follow this non profit work carefully what I have read about the approach seem to me being very positive. Have an example of what your referring too .
[url=][/url] embrace, extend, extinguish, and hasnt changed. i dont feel inclined to looking up contemporary gates foundation propaganda (for me or you). suffice to say i would not trust a proven monster to be in charge of the vulnerable.

and speaking of such deceptions. i distrust that e.e.e. shill organisation who's pod you're on.

Thats it , thx Digit U see it clearlyvand correct, no Doubt!

Seconding @Digit all the way on these last few posts. Like Jobs, Gates entered the PC market by straight-up stealing from others. Once they made it big, they kept doing that the legal way - by buying up companies that couldn't afford to say no.

"If U can`t beat them: Buy them!"

@Digit LOL I love how in Diaspora the pod that hosts you from seems to be a determine of user. Its hilarious. You know I really don't have any complaints. They host some 22K users and have good availability. Since I really don't contribute directly to there endeavor with the exception of the user name I'm not sure they come out on top of that exchange. Just like every thing on the uncensored internet you have to make a determination of what your going to believe and what your not.

Your reference is in regards to the company Microsoft not the Gates foundation. I have total disdain for Microsoft and its products and pretty much from an early time. The justice system failed multiple times in Microsofts early days to stop many of there unethical business practices.

On the other hand maybe you should do the work and become informed before you talk poorly about an organization it appears you know nothing about.

skipping past the obvious shill whitewashing post with no more response than this line.
So, me, i don `t see any POSSIBILiTY 2 escape!!
@werner wichtig templeos. ;D
(or, less whimsically, maybe something like plan9... that is to say, simplification helps bring tractionable truth to "many eyes make all bugs shallow". and regarding the risks of spywares and hypnosis and other maladies slipping into GNU/Linux, beware #systemdont (and freebsd seem to want to make similar in bsd))

@Cliff Bramlett the legal way? so how come they got into trouble with the US and EU competition bodies all the time. I'm glad Gates is now giving it back but having been on the other end of what it caused I see it not so much as 'charitable giving' and 'paying his fine to society'

Microsoft itself does seem to be turning around a lot from what it did. Not that it's not still tangled up in ugly things with patents. In the meantime Google seems to be trying really hard to take over the vacated evil overlord chair, if they an fight off Facebook for it

@Alan Cox, hostile takeovers are legal until it creates a monopoly. That's what got MS in trouble.
And if you think MS is turning around, I have some bad news for you. They haven't changed. They still charge gouging level prices for their OS, and where they don't (like for spare OEM keys), they were sued into allowing cheaper prices. It's just that now they also scrape your data to sell on the back end, where people are less likely to notice or complain.
and last year,
and note that MS sells both their advertising data and advertising space just as heavily as Google ever has, and you do not have the same control over MS data as you do over Google data.

Ohhh Brother!!! How cccould t h at happen??: Whitewashing??? --N O T at all I wrote, a n d U can`t even read!!!:
i wasnt talking about you @werner wichtig.

lol, to have presumed so... what is that, guilt or narcissism or both? lol.

but you're right. i cant even read what you wrote. raised a hostile barbed bar for this dyslexic. i'd get a migraine if i try read much more than a sentenCe o f aLl tHE cra yzEE jUMblEd caps NOCAPS s t y le (?) of WRITING.

UR Computer is = has become , UR ENEMY !!!

And this would be largely the doing of Bill Gates & company.

@Cliff Bramlett legal and ethical are not the same discussion especially in the USSA where leaving employees in poverty is legal but people get arrested for feeding the homeless.

Microsoft ultimately got clobbered over the web browser bundling but they should have been much more for the way the tied hardware and software together. That unfortunate decision to just go after the easy case now leaves us with most devices that could have choice being locked to random obsolete android versions, iOS or bundled with windows with it being hard to avoid a windows tax, and that's only because Microsoft's cunning plan to use 'secure' boot to lock PC to Windows failed.

@Alan Cox Sorry, I missed where I claimed that legal and ethical are the same.

Agreed. Lawmaker's lack of understanding of these issues is another factor in the state of tech corporate rule today. Well, that and payoffs, but I cannot prove the latter.

@Cliff Bramlett was just trying to say that the fact hostile takeovers are legal doesn't always make them ethical.

No argument on that score, @Alan Cox. It certainly seems that corporations get to decide a majority of the definition of "legal" and that the divide between legal and ethical is expanding exponentially.

Me, I'm not violent. I just do as I'm told. Regardless.

lol, wtf was that about @werner wichtig?!??? XD XD XD XD lmao. srsly, what, the, fuck?! XD

where the fuck did this come from?
@ digit (—@ll Hero hi Brothr!! U lie if Pnly U open Mouth… Ur Garbace then coming out can’t be used 4 anything Irs pure Propaganda!! U are a fanatic Linuxer although Leanmurcks is ( not only but also partially) Garbage, so is Windows… U can n ot stand Truth and Reality… Why??. 2 Me , that looks massively as if U would have massive psychosocial Disease and need Hospital… Maybe there U could also try and learn 2 read???
i'm looking for a basis for it, but, all i'm coming up with is... "maybe schizophrenia?" ... and if so, 1.25g CBD per day can often really help with that. also might be worth getting your mineral levels checked. (n that's not intended as a put-down. genuinely, could help.)

boggles the mind how what i said lead to that response. seems to be making claims about me that are c... show more

@Digit The pod I'm in blocked that pod full of bots...

@Cliff Bramlett, thanks for the tip. i have a backup account on pluspora, but been trying to keep its use minimal. am looking around considering moving to another pod (or setting up my own (ouch, workload)), since joindiaspora's decided to keep removing my profile tags with server errors. :/

Ouch, @Digit. Hope something works out for you.

I had some difficulties at joindiaspora also. They seemed to be technical problems...

thanks @Cliff Bramlett.
& yep, does seem like that, @tomgrz

ahahahahhahahahahah… G R E A T 2 Listen 2 the FASCISTS… and make and call `em the moterfuckers they really are ..… This can malke my DAY

nothing they can say against my Expertising / TEACHING, so they get nervous and try hard and solve the PROBLEM = me with Software-fascisms… that the only THING they can do, these CCCRIMINALS… PUTIN and or TRUMP but will put èm into PRISON soon… I will be very delighted the DAY this will happen…

VictimofMengeles2.0 KPU-SCANDAL