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Another amazing #Vancouver Sun Run happened this past Sunday -- over 40,000 people running and walking the 10K course around our beautiful city.

I'm pretty happy with my time, though a watch malfunction prevented me from seeing my total time, and without that I didn't realise I was 13s behind my goal time. Doh.

Watches aside, it was a really nice way to kick off the season. I'm feeling strong, ready to sign up for more races, train hard, and to improve lots this year! 🙂 🏃‍♀️


Thank you! 🙂

I did get the watch working after about 1.7kms, which was very helpful, and enabled me to at least see my current pace, if not my over-all time or distance.

It was just great to be in a race for the first time in some months, and first since I've gone back to a somewhat more intense training schedule. I'm pretty excited about the rest of the year!