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@switchingsocial I've been able to find acceptable substitutes for Google Docs and for Gmail, but I'm struggling to find a good Google Calendar replacement. I need something that is easy to set up, can sync between a phone and desktop client, and preferably has a free or at least cheap option. What are my options?

I've a feeling this came up in a thread recently but I can't find it.

One of the other recommendations is Kolab Now:

Are you using Kolab Now? Curious on people's experience on it.

I use Nextcloud calendar with the DAVx5 android app. Works great, I can see it being a bit above and beyond the desired effort level to set up though since then you have a Nextcloud server.

it isn't a hosting solution however it might be a nice way to interface with it:

If you don't mind self hosting, #nextcloud has a very user friendly calendar. And it can replace some of the other things Google drive offers too.


You don't have to self-host to use Nextcloud, there are lots of providers that you can sign up for without any tech knowledge.

For example.

That's fabulous! I've been hosting my own #nextcloud for many years and didn't know about these sites.
@tpharrison @dnwlsn

C'est super, mais c'est seulement en francais? 😕

simple calendar for mobile, any desktop calendar client with caldav support (i use evolution, which is also an email client and has support for contact syncing), and some service that includes caldav hosting.

I personally use my nextcloud for caldav, but some email hosts like also provide caldav calendars. Nextcloud and can also act as your desktop calendar clients if you wish, although that'll be browser-based.

If you want something more advanced there's also decsync which allows you to sync calendars via syncthing/dropbox/etc (and thus you won't need a server), i haven't been able to make it work though.

Oh and in case you don't already use nextcloud, i can recommend renting an instance on hetzner.
It's a bit weird to sign up and the instances are somewhat limited (no ffmpeg and such), but you get quite a bit of storage cheaply.

Sorry to pick up an old discussion, but I was curious: What do you use to replace Google Docs?

I am as interested in experiences as the actual alternatives.
For instance, I use Nextcloud Notes a lot, but I do not see it as a document editor. I like Carnet in principle, but it is not really for me.
Also, I have shared hosting without root, so there are limits to what I can install.

You don't need to self-host to use Nextcloud.

There are lots of providers where you can sign up, just like you would sign up for Google Docs, for example and

Another alternative to Google Docs is @cryptpad

I have looked at Cryptpad and got a good impression. I am hosting Nextcloud on my shared hosting, it installs just fine with the web installer.