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The 4th is not with the Mozilla Foundation.

A Mozilla issue filed just over two hours ago reports that all Firefox extensions will be disabled after midnight 2019-05-04 UTC, because Mozilla negligently allowed an intermediate signing certificate to expire.

I swear it seems like Mozilla is actively trying to commit suicide.

#tech #code #oops

I had to leave Firefox months ago because of the problems it created. . . It's a pity, I would prefer not to be always depending on the usual brands, but. . .
Well, anyway, the opposite process happened by passing from G+ to pluspora :-)

I did have only a very short look, but:
Pale moon and Basilisk apparently aren't available via Golan.

Any reason known why not?

Not a clue, sorry. What, in this context, is Golan?

It took me months to find an officially supported Gentoo ebuild — even a binary one — for Gentoo, and there is only a tarball for Basilisk. (Which by the way is still in beta.)

“Golan" should have been "Google play" .


And: thanks for your comment!

Ah. I have no idea whether there is a Basilisk release for Android. My guess would be "Not yet".

How about Pale moon ? (Didn't find it on Google play, nor on f-droid.) Any ideas where I should look/search?)

Btw: thanks again!!!

There is a Pale Moon package for Android. I'm pretty sure it's even on the play store.

I searched several times : alas: no hits for me for "pale moon" in either play store or F-Droid. [:-/]

Thanks again!

Hmm. I can't find it now either...