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It doesn't look like it, but this guy has a mastery of madness!..... ;) <3

Oh man I wish I had this mastery of my bike!

I think he gets that last stab of compression on the front forks by really getting a hold of the front brake maybe. I can't even actually comprehend how I would go about trying this. The carving stoppie is enough to get me out of the hunt.

Hm. We're missing the sound ! It would have helped us a little...
I uploaded the gif to dissociate the images from it ; here are in this slideshow those where he approaches the ribbon to step over it (click on the first image for a larger size) : we can see better his position on the saddle, and that of the bike.
We also see how it is positioned firmly on the sidewall of the tire, and how this one is compressed under the weight (braking ?) just before pivoting.
Well, finally. It's still a very nice feat. I've had this clip in my boxes for a long time, it still amazes me as much as ever... ^^

Yes @Tina I think braking is the key to this, I know balance and braking are key to spying a stoppie, though I've only done one in my life that really got my rear wheel up and aggressive braking was key to it.

..hahahaha... That's what's great with the motorcycle fraternity : we understand each other right away. ^^