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Sample Sozi Presentation

I rushed and uploaded a sample Inkscape/Sozi presentation. One of the Faculty Development mails was about an event to discuss ways to improve presentations. Prezi was mentioned. When I read about Prezi it seemed to have come out of marketing/advertising concerns. That might be better than the “Stalinism”(Edward Tufte’s term for the) bullets of PowerPoint, it’s still “venal”(S.I. Hayakawa’s term for advertising: “venal poetry”). Since people tend to be immersed in screens to much already, the classroom should provide a haven of human interaction without much screen use. But, the ability to move the focus around in an image might be useful/fun every once in a while. This little example isn’t finished and there probably won’t be a chance to use it. It is just offered as an example of what is possible with Inkscape/Sozi... show more

This Sozi presentation version better, the blurry .png images of the data tables have been replaced with text->path data tables. I added an extra box/sozi slide at the end to finish with a view of the entire visualization.The Racket code that generated the visualization taking up most of the space in the sozi .svg document:

The development of the visualization was prompted by comments here on Diaspora*: