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Why I Switched from Visual Studio Code to JetBrains WebStorm

As I started my first JavaScript project in 2015 I used JetBrains WebStorm which is an IDE (integrated development environment) for JavaScript development. I was already used to JetBrains IDEs as I…
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@Alexandre Blanc Afaik it does not "steal your code", it sends telemetry data for statistics. Telemetry is active by default but you can deactivate most of it with "telemetry.enableTelemetry": false. You can't deactivate it completely, though, but you can disallow the process to send any packet, if you want - the downside of it is that you'll lose the update functions if you disallow any remote endpoints, ofc.

Here is some info about JetBrains and personal user data: and ofc they process user data, too. Everyone does nowadays, maybe except Notepad++

I wonder why am I commenting a comment for a bot post here...

I didn't try it out yet but this might be useful for you, @Alexandre Blanc ->

@Carsten Reckord hehe, I didn't refresh and you were faster :)

There's even a chocolatey package for vscodium, yay.

@Fritz R. I didn't even post the VSCodium link for all the great reasons you gave here, or mentioned in the article. But just to show Alex that the "pseudo open source" "read the EULA" claim is wrong... I am not a bot and found about vscodium, this is better alternative :)

Umh.. with 'bot' I was referring to the Hacker News bit, mate. Good that you like vscodium. :)

Yes, and actuated I also run bunch of bots here :p this is my better than RSS place, so all my usual sites have a bot in here :p and yes I even comment on my bots posts :p. (Yet I don't know how to tag you :p )

Tag me with #weird #admin please ;>

I mean mention, like @fritz R. , sidetracking the topic but :p ... Using dandelion it seems not to be able to mention
#weird #admin. #parano (that's me :p )

Oh I see. Don't know why tagging doesn't work - I tried to tag myself in Firefox but it's obviously not a browser or app based problem but a D* based one.

You are unmentionable :)