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Your name in diaspora\*

It occurred to me that most of the people who have come to diaspora\* from G+ are using their real names.

Some of you might not know that you don't have to use your real name in diaspora*. You can call yourself anything you want to. Indeed, you can be whoever you want in diaspora*. There's no need to reveal anything about yourself that you don't want to.

If you want to be a witty gecko or a highly intelligent aspidistra, you can!

Of course, if you want to 'be' yourself, and use your real name, that's fine too. But you're not restricted in that way.

Have fun!

#diaspora #gplus #gplusrefugee

Aha! Fooled you. I didn't: my real name is **boogboogboog\boogboog.

Oops, now I've given away my real name.

I am kinda curious how you came up with @goobgoob/goobgoobgoob** :)

Aha! Fooled you.

Next you'll tell me that's not your real photo.

@David Thiery Probably when drunk or similar ;)

On the internet, nobody knows if you're a witty gecko or not.

@Brian Ó 🐟, the photo is real, but I mirrored it so I'm more difficult to recognise.

It's funny, there are plenty of people posting on the various reshares of this post to say 'Yeah, I knew that'.

i didn't know :( i always used my real internet name ..

Do you mean to tell me that your name isn't really @goobgoob/goobgoobgoob**?!

I wish I would have seen this before I created my account.

You're free to create another one. However, you can't move any content automatically, not even your settings and your contacts.

If it's a case of changing your screen name, you can do that any time in user settings.

Full account migration (also with the possibility to change your user name) will be available with the next major release, hopefully not too far away.

It depends of how we believe what is real or ... institutional ? Is it possible to be oneself with another name that his institutional one ? ;)