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The teen faces two charges: one of sharing the live-stream and a second for posting a photograph of one of the mosque’s attacked with the message “target acquired”
I guess the main charge is "inciting violence" or some crap like that. This craziness should really stop instead of getting more widespread everywhere in the world.

"Facing 14 years of prison" is just a newspaper click bait. There are a lot of offenses were you might face long prison terms but the average perpetrator gets just a short or deferred sentence. There are judges (who consider impact of the crime, maturity of the perpetrator, etc.) exactly for that reason and in most countries the "lock the away" culture is not as pervasive as it is in the U.S.A. So for an 18-year-old you can expect a short prison sentence at max.

It is pretty clear but it doesn't make the idea of jailing (or threating with it) people for words on the Internet much better, Martin.

In fact it is damn shame from so many sides.

The Comments on the article are.....just.....sheesh!

@Alexander Inciting hate is a crime, an 18yo should know that.

I am perfectly fine with the fact that it will probably be punished. Considering the circumstances I would of for a six month deferred sentence.

Inciting hate is a crime
Yes and this is one of the most misused and pointless charges which shouldn't be there at all. Again - this is usually for words on the Internet. Not to mention it does little to extinguish the said hate if it exists, more like gives more ammo to the haters who start to see the government as the enemy.

@Robin this doesn't appear to be an innocent sharing of morbidity, one of the charges stems from sharing a picture of one of the mosques with the words "target acquired" before the attack, as well as sharing the live stream of the actual attack.
But if you consider that political correctness, I say bring on political correctness!

As @Martin Seeger points out, this is click bait.
“The maximum sentence for each of the charges against the 18-year-old is 14 years’ jail”

@Ray Bernache
But if you consider that political correctness, I say bring on political correctness!
You are right, I stand corrected! That was indeed incitement to hate and even further violence, so crime is certainly there and serious enough to warrant a jail sentence. 14 years seems a bit severe, though, for a kid.

True that. I just remember being 18 and hardly acted like an adult then, nor had the judgement I should have had as an adult.

@Robin - True. I remember being 18 and stupid. And paying for my stupidity later on. The fact that I was 18 didn't discount the fact that I'd made the decision. And so I took it on the chin despite my age.

@Robin don't forget, 14 years is the maximum possible sentence, not the minimum/mandatory sentence.

The kid definitely needs to pay a price for inciting to violence, but perhaps his sentence could include some serious education on why this matters so much.