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Women are always empty inside. Only birthing children and bringing them up in a family can give their life meaning and fulfillment.

As usual i'm open to having a discussion about just about anything, but right now i'm having a cold and need to rest. Just writing this here because i worry that you two may communicate in a way that isn't harmonious for me and others to read. (I'm not trying to blame, i'm just concerned)

Hi @Sunyata. Dang colds! Not so much fun. When I was a kid I didn't read many comics, but Archie was one. I always wanted to tell Archie -- drop your obsession with Veronica -- Betty is so much nicer! I often bought Archie comics for my girls. My second (Olivia) is our art major. One day she said to me off the cuff, Veronica and Betty are the same cartoon just different hair color. Ugh!! Shattered my world! :-) She was so right. As to the moral, yes, indeed, life is about relationships not stuff! Cheers, -Randy. ps. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Wow somebody is a troll failure. Triggered much?

Why the hate towards women? Something wrong with your brain?

Somebody with that much hate must hate themselves as well. You must be a blast at mass ritual suicides, time's a wastin'! Get on with it!

Because they do not let him fuck them. He's a poor little misogynic bastard, probably raised by wolves or something. Gay Wolves that didn't teach him any respect towards others. Are You related to MoonMoon, @Thea?