2013-03-14 to 2024-04-24

I'm sorry to announce that is dead.
As in: the database is corrupt beyond repair. I tried all my best to restore the database from backups, but without success.

What happened?

For quite some time the database grew and grew and grew. Optimizing the database usually freed some space in the past, but this didn't work anymore for over a year or so. The database grew up to 186 GB in size for like 330 users at the end. For comparison: the database for is 125 GB in size, but for like 7200 users.
So I tried to backup and restore the database on April 23rd in order to free up some database size. Unfortunately during restore some errors occured and the result was a corrupt InnoDB database. In the next days I tried to fix the problems and even installed a new database server to restore the database from an file based backup. This solved some of the problems with InnoDB errors, so I restored the database onto the production database server. This resulted in a situation where users could login but lost all of their posts, pictures and contacts. I tried with other backup/restore procedures, but as of today I was not successful in doing so.

In the end I have to confess that Nerdica.Net is dead. It died on April 24th, 2024 - after 11 years, 1 month and 10 days of permanent and (until then) reliable operation. 11 years during which Nerdica.Net was the largest Friendica nodes at some time. I realized that large nodes are a problem in the Fediverse. So I wrote some cleanup scripts that deleted inactive users and limited the user count by opening and closing registrations based on some limits. This brought down the user count and other nodes gained users. Granted: 2500 users doesn't sound much in todays numbers, but back then it was a large instance.

I will continue to try recovering the database, but I can't promise a success and pretending that there will be a working soon again would be wrong. If I'm not successful by end of May, I will delete all data of and call it history.

I want to thank all users of for the patience! I wouldn't be able to provide the service for so long without you!

If you want, you can join (Mastodon) by using this Invite Code. I'm unsure whether or not to setup another Friendica node on the domain